Cost-Benefit Analysis

In this discussion, you will build upon the economic opportunity that  you proposed in your Unit 3 assignment and use the information you  researched for you Benefits Values discussion post.Analyze the costs and benefits over a five-year time horizon for your economic opportunity.Propose executive recommendations to proceed with or defer the  pursuit of the economic opportunity. Be sure to include a sound  rationale. This may incorporate regulations, industry standards, and  best practices.Use the preformatted Cost-Benefit Analysis Template spreadsheet, linked in the Resources, to conduct your analysis.Post according to the Faculty Expectations Response  Guidelines. Remember to cite the readings, resources, and research that  you have used in the development of your post.Response GuidelinesRespond to the posts of other learners according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines.If possible, select a learner who has not yet received a response  and evaluate their submission, highlighting both strengths and  weaknesses.**AGAIN, I HAVE ATTACHED MY PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT AND THE SPREADSHEET NEEDED**

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