Strategic Plan – Organizational Structure

The Organization I have chosen is the MAYO CLINIC, the program we will be adding is Healthcare  Literacy and Advocacy Center.The Organizational Structure of the Strategic Plan: In 1,400- to 1,750-word explain the Organizational Sections of the Strategic Plan.(Be sure to incorporate headings of levels 1 and 2. Remember to use in-text citations and continue to add to the Reference List at the end of your Strategic plan.)Describe: The organization’s mission, vision, and values.Describe: the strategic planning model chosen organization for your organizationIdentify: the theoretical framework, such assystems theoryorchange theory, your chosenorganization currently uses.Identify: the current key leaders in your chosen organization.Describe: the involvement of the governing board has in creating and implementing strategic goals.Identify: the change management model chosen for your organization.Describe: the organization’s major service delivery and support activities in its value chain. Includethe following:LocationTarget marketPrograms and servicesClinical operationsMarketingBillingFollow-upOrganizational cultureOrganizational structureStrategic resourcesCite In-Text at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar resources to support your information. Be sure to use in-text citations and begin to create the Reference List at the end of the Strategic Plan.Format your paper according to APA guidelines. This includes an introduction, conclusion and reference page.

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