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Homework healthcare administration number 2

Bow-Tie Analysis is one of many effective tools for communicating risk assessment.  Discuss the bow-tie method and then provide another specific example of an effective tool that hospitals use for risk assessment. Which one would you implement in your area and why? Must provide specific examples of each  being used and results. Discuss in what areas you feel a risk management analysis could be effective and why? Provide citation of authority to support your initial response to conference questions. Peers are expected to demonstrate critical thinking in their questions related to the classmates’ descriptions. Initial response to discussion topic must be no later than 11:59pm EST Thursday and then you must substantively respond to at least 2 classmate submissions no later than 11:59pm EST Sunday. See Discussion Expectations and Grading.Background readings:http://www.r4risk.com.au/Bow-tie-Analysis.php [Bow-tie]http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19591531 [Bow-tie]https://www.ecri.org/documents/secure/risk_quality_patient_safety.pdf [Risk Management, Quality Improvement, and Patient Safety]http://elearning.scranton.edu/resource/health-human-services/purpose-of-risk-management-in-healthcare  [The Purpose of Risk Management in Healthcare]

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