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answer these questions and explain each answer

Discussion Topic: A patient who has Parkinson’s disease takes levodopa and carbidopa. The patient reports experiencing tremors between doses. The primary care NP should:a. add amantadine.b. increase the dose of levodopa.c. discontinue the carbidopa.d. add entacapone.Discussion Topic: A patient who takes levodopa and carbidopa for Parkinson’s disease reports experiencing freezing episodes between doses. The primary care NP should consider using:a. selegiline.b. apomorphine.c. modified-release levodopa.d. amantadine.Discussion Topic: A 65-year-old patient is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The patient has emphysema and narrow-angle glaucoma. The primary care NP should consider beginning therapy with:a. ropinirole hydrochloride.b. selegiline.c. carbidopa/levodopa.d. benztropine.Requirements:1- Formatted and cited in current APA 72- Use 4 academic sources. Not older than 5 years3- Not Websites are allowed.4- Plagiarism is NOT allowed

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