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poor communication

Poor Communication Skills:We have discussed effective and non-effective communication skills throughout our time together. It is important for us to establish healthy and effective communication skills to establish therapeutic relationships with our patient and gain rapport.You will find a video link that is listed below. I want you to watch the video in entirety. Then I would like you to respond with a discussion post answering the following questions:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1RY_72O_LQ1.  Overall, was communication style therapeutic or non-therapeutic? Please explain why. Minimum 4 sentences.2.  Identify what non-therapeutic or strategies were demonstrated in this video. Look at the PowerPoint that we did to identify names of different strategies if used in the video.3.  Identify what therapeutic strategies were demonstrated. Look at the PowerPoint to identify names of strategies to list here if used in the video.4.  Stepping into the patient’s shoes – if you were the patient, how would this interaction make you feel?5.  How could she improve – list out suggestions of different techniques by their name and give examples of questions or statements should have provided

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