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M3 worksheet

Great going! Now that you have selected the stakeholders for your humanitarian aid trip, it is time for you to do a deeper investigation into the specific health challenge attached to the scenario of your choice. Health challenges may and will vary across developing and developed countries. This week you gained insight surrounding the prevalence, incidence, and impacts of global nutrition and mental health challenges. For this assignment, you will engage in a similar investigation of your selected scenario.PromptBuilding on your prior project preparation assignments, you will go a step further to analyze the specific health challenge for your humanitarian aid trip.Note that you should cite at least three scholarly sources from your investigation. The evidence should not be older than five years. To access the Shapiro Library Guide: Nursing—Graduate, go to the Start Here section of the course.Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:Health Challenge Analysis: Complete the provided worksheet to further your analysis of the nature of your selected health challenge.Clinical Presentation: Briefly describe the etiology and symptomology of the health challenge. How does the disease present and what are the symptoms?Prevalence: Analyze the prevalence and impact of the health challenge in the location. Supply quantitative evidence from credible sources to illustrate your claims.Which populations (for example, according to age, gender, race, education level, socioeconomic status) are most at risk?Briefly describe the morbidity and mortality related to this challenge.What are the prevalent trends over time related to your health challenge?Inequities: Assess the unequal impacts of the health challenge for different groups.Socioeconomic Groups: To what extent are different socioeconomic levels unequally impacted by the health challenge?Race/Ethnicity: To what extent are different races/ethnicities unequally impacted by the health challenge?Gender: To what extent are different genders unequally impacted by the health challenge?Other: To what extent are other population groups unequally impacted by the health challenge?Other Determinants of Health: In your first project preparation assignment, you analyzed the social determinants of health. In this activity, you will now consider other determinants of health to gain a fuller picture of the health challenge.Environmental: Describe the environmental determinants of health for this challenge.Biological: Describe the biological determinants of health for this challenge.Policy Evaluation: In the final section of your worksheet, identify any current policies that exist related to the health challenge.

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