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Nutrional Theraphy 4 part

PROJECT: PRE-LESSON ACTIVITY CONTINUEDAssignment DirectionsMake sure you write at least one paragraph for each question.Please make sure that your answers are correct. You may look back in the lesson for help answering the questions. Please do not copy the answers from the lesson; give your opinions and use original words and examples.·         What is a hierarchy?·         Where are hierarchies found?·         What are the advantages of a hierarchy?·         What are the disadvantages of a hierarchy?·         Provide an example of a hierarchy that might be found in a health care setting.After you have worked through answering the questions again, compare your initial pre-activity answers to your current answers. Write a reflective summary of at least 250 words what you found. Your summary must include:·         How were your pre-lesson and post-lesson answers similar?·         How were your pre-lesson and post-lesson answers different?·         What did you learn from the lesson?·         How can you use what you have learned if you pursue a health care career?PROJECT: RESEARCH HEALTH CARE TEAMSAssignment DirectionsResearch and Learn: Health Care TeamsResearch these two types of teams:·         Transplant teams·         Cancer care teamsAfter you find at least three reliable references, write a 500 word description that includes:·         Discuss each type of team and the roles the members play in each.·         Compare how the two teams are alike and contrast how the two teams are different.·         Discuss the advantages of each team.·         Discuss the disadvantages of each team.PROJECT: STRATEGIES FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONIn the lesson, there is a chart of strategies for effective communication. You will use this chart to complete your assignment. Select eight of the strategies. For four of the strategies, describe a situation where a team member models effective communication. For the other four strategies, describe a situation where a team member exhibits a breakdown in communication. Each scenario must be at least one paragraph in length.For example: If the strategy was to always greet a patient in a positive and friendly way, we could describe a situation where a health care worker modeled this behavior or a situation where a health care worker did not act appropriately.After you complete your scenarios, do some research online or in the library. Find at least two more strategies for effective communication. Provide an example of ineffective communication and effective communication related to each strategy. Discuss why you selected each strategy and how you think each strategy can be useful in effective communication. Make sure that you select strategies that were not mentioned in the chart or used as an example in the lesson.PROJECT: MIND MAP OF THE THREE TYPES OF COMMUNICATIONAssignment DirectionsAfter completing the lesson, you will make a mind map that illustrates the three types of communication, barriers to each type of communication, and ways to overcome each barrier. Select the barriers that you feel are the most important or common. Select the solutions that you feel are the most useful and practical.Your mind map must include:·         All three types of communication with an explanation·         At least three barriers to each type of communication·         At least two solutions to each barrier

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