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Case Analysis

This paper is on Enforcing Mental Health Parity (This is your topic)Part One: Case study analysis covers the first three steps in the policy analysis process.  It 1) identifies the problem presented in the case study, 2) establishes the criteria important in finding an acceptable solutionCongress Is on the Verge of Passing a Landmark Mental Health Bill – FORTUNE https://apple.news/A-rrFXZf5Q3aXh7hgM6q72gHere’s an article you may can use and please find another one to use as well regarding Enforcing Mental Health Parity.ONLY WRITE 4 PAGES for total……..Title pageDouble-spacedNumber the pages12 point font (Times New Roman)1” marginsAPA styleUse quotations if you are providing the information verbatimNo lists or outliningNo use of WikipediaCitations of all material used (including textbook)Provide a reference list, including the textbook

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