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Functional Medicine

Find research article in a peer-reviewed source about a successful functional therapy.Summarize the article by answering the following question:What is the therapy?How is the therapy used for illness prevention, health promotion, and heath restoration?Choose one (1) technique to promote self-wellness and describe its function.Identify the actions you can take to work with patients who use functional medicine and safeguard a patient’s rights that choose to use this therapy.What are some of the limitations of this therapy?Include any other pertinent information.Your work should be written inAPA Writing Style,and be 3-4 pages, including:title pagereference pagespacing and margin settingsTOPIC FOR ARTICLE : YOGA. ARTICLE MUST BE WITHIN 5 YEARS.NO PLAGIARISM. PLEASE PROVIDE PLAGIARISM REPORTGRAMMAR MUST BE PERFECT. POINTS DEDUCTED FOR BAD GRAMMAR.

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