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Organizational systems and structures Evaluation

Section 1: Organizational Systems and Structures EvaluationAs you continue your evaluation of a health care organization, it is essential to pay attention to culture. Organizational culture provides the context in which all interactions and processes occur, and is therefore central to any effort to enact change.To prepare:Continue to analyze your selected organization, as indicated in Week 3 (Section 1 of the Course Project).In addition, consider the ideas and information exchanged in this week’s Discussion. Continue to analyze essential elements of organizational culture and evaluate the influence of culture on the ability to achieve goals within your selected organization.To complete:Write a 3- to 5-page paper in which you:Provide a description of the organization you selectedPresent your analysis of the organization with attention to:Its mission, vision, valuesStrategic plan, goals, and objectivesKey operational processes and patternsInformation technology useOrganizational priorities and investments, as indicated by financial dataThe essential elements of the organization’s cultureThe influence of culture on meeting organizational goals

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