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Hematic, Lymphatic And Immune, And Cardiovascular Systems

ANSWER QUESTIONS 1-20 CORRECTLY AND SEND THEM BACK TO ME ASAP1.   Lymph vessels that empty into lymph nodes are called2.   What is the spleen’s primary function in a fetus?3.   Platelets are known as4.   One of the three major categories of blood is5.   The main control center of the heart, responsible for setting the pace of heart rate, is called the6.   What combining form refers to the aorta?7.   Plasma primarily consists of8.   A confirmation blood test for HIV is called9.   What is the chief function of red blood cells?10.   The valve that goes from the right atrium to the right ventricle is the _______ valve.11.   What diagnosis is defined as failure of the heart to pump blood efficiently?12.   The medical term for an enlarged spleen is13.   Prothrombin blood tests check14.   What combining form refers to the thymus?15.   What combining form means immune?16.   Which of the following are white blood cells?17.   _______ is a blood test that provides information on blood cells.18.   How many phases are included in the hemostasis process?19.   Lingual tonsils are located at the20.   The _______ artery is located above the elbow.

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