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Designing Budget Models Using Systems Thinking

Included in the AONE Future Patient Care Delivery Guiding Principles is:Utilize systems thinking to design models around episodes of care (aligned with reimbursement) that focus on care facilitation, education, outcomes management, illness prevention, and health promotion utilizing high-level functions of integration, problem-solving, and coordination with a strong foundation of interdisciplinary teamwork.Design models around episodes of care using systems thinking aligned with reimbursement.Include the following aspects in the discussion:Note: When faced with problems, you are not quite certain you understand well enough to answer, remember, start at the beginning, and break it into pieces.Find your favorite definition of “systems thinking”, fromFive ways to incorporate systems thinking into healthcare organizations (PDF)Locate a rigorous source to explore from “Episode of Care or Bundled Payments – Health Cost Containment”Choose one of the healthcare needs from the AONE Future Patient Care Delivery Guiding Principles that you feel is the most importantDiscuss how you would design your model to incorporate systems thinking to episodes of care

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