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Ethical and Legal

FOLLOW APA FORMAT 7th EDITIONA nurse is discussing nursing actions that can lead to breaches of nursing practice. Match the example to the term it describes.a. Nurse posts about patient’s loud and unruly family members. _____b. Nurse immediately applies restraints to make the patient stay in bed. _____c. Nurse leaves the bed in a high position, causing the patient to fall and break hip. _____d. Nurse states that she will wrap a bandage over the patient’s mouth if he won’t be quiet. _____e. Nurse applies abdominal bandage after refusal. _____f. Nurse gets angry at the patient and the nurse leaves the hospital. _____1. Assault2. Battery3. Abandonment4. False imprisonment5. Invasion of privacy6. Malpractice1.1 Define Assault, Battery, Abandonment, False imprisonment, Invasion of privacy, and Malpractice. Include an example (not mentioned in the question) for each one of them.1.2 Which are the necessary elements to prove negligence?2. What an ethical dilemma? Include an example.

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