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student 1IntroductionMy name is Tayslen Roman, and I have been a nurse for more than 8 years now. It is with great pride that I join the NOVA family once again, as I completed my bachelor’s degree with this amazing school. I am currently working on my master’s degree as I joined the acute care program which I hope to complete successfully. Taking pathophysiology and research online definitely pose a challenge, since this is the first time attending online school. However, I cannot wait to learn and see what this program has to offer for my professional growth as a nurse. I love gardening, cooking, and staying active. As a nurse practitioner I would like to see myself in a specialized setting, and by that, I mean working in the hospital with a cardiothoracic or a pulmonary group, for instance. I know this will not be easy, but my very best is the least I can do. Ultimately, advocacy for my patient’s is what keeps me going as a nurse. Having a voice for someone who cannot speak for themselves (especially when critically ill), is my drive and motivation in this career.Theory, Research and PracticeTheory, research and practice are interconnected. Nurses can apply and explore principals of theoretical work to aid in the betterment of their career advancement. One principle cannot exist without the other. “Although a multi-faceted approach to building a connection between academia and practice exists, innovation is also needed to expand, deepen, and sustain these connections” (Senelgrove & Wood, 2022, p. 75). A theory is needed for research conduction in order to prove that theory and put it in perspective for others to appreciate and rely on it. This is particularly seen with evidenced-based practice research, where countless tools have evolved because of extensive investigation and efforts to reveal the best approaches to better health.Importance of Theory, Research and Practice Integration in NursingTheory and research constitute an advanced practice methodology when integrated in the nursing profession. The Nurse Practitioner can use research tools that reflect evidenced based practice to improve patient outcomes and deliver high quality care. The cited article highlights that “a nurse’s journey with research as practice relevant knowledge begins in their nursing education programs” (Mitchell & Pereira-Edwards, 2022, p. 35). This is true because, school system educating nurses in the advancement of their career, must focus on conditioning the ARNP to involve theory and research work to daily practices, which helps in extending well documented teaching to patients and families.ReferencesMitchell, K. M., & Pereira-Edwards, M. (2022). Exploring integrated threshold concept knowledge as a route to understanding the epistemic nature of the evidence-based practice mindset. Journal of Professional Nursing, 42, 34–45.student 2My name is Giannina Alvarez. I am a Registered Nurse, currently working in a Respiratory Progressive Care Unit with a Neuro background. I am of Cuban decent, born in the United States. On my off days I spend quality time with my family and tend to plan a lot of outdoor activities with my significant other. My parents and siblings have worked in the medical field for many years and are my number one supporters with school and my career. I graduated with my BSN from Nova Southeastern University in December of 2019. I am looking forward to continuing my education at NSU in the Acute APRN Program. I am currently enrolled in this course along with Advanced Pathophysiology. I have found that the documents the professors for both courses have provided has helped me understand what to expect in the coming weeks. I plan to absorb as much information possible between school and clinical hours as I will need to apply that knowledge in my professional career. I have worked alongside many caring, passionate, and inspiring healthcare workers in the past two years. I plan to continue working in a hospital setting and to one day work as a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner.Concepts of theory, research and practice are important because it can be viewed as guiding how we think about nursing. They help distinguish nursing as a separate discipline from medicine and related sciences, and assists nurses in understanding their patients and their needs. The theory provides different templates to help nurses provide care that respects patients and improves outcomes. Through understanding the intersection of nursing, patients, health, and the environment, these theories aim to simplify the complicated, ever-evolving relationship that nurses have with their profession. The effect of theory-guided interventions was evaluated in improving quality of life, self-efficacy, self-care and stress of patients with chronic, acute, cardiac and psychological illnesses (Younas A, Quennell S., 2019).Thank you and good luck, Giannina AlvarezReferencesYounas, A., & Quennell, S. (2019). Usefulness of nursing theory-guided practice: an integrative review. Scandinavian journal of caring sciences, 33(3), 540–555. https://doi.org/10.1111/scs.12670student 3My name is Kacie Grossman and I am currently working as a nurse in an Emergency Department. I just got married a month ago and with my time off from work or studying I like to spend time with my husband and our friends. I am a huge Philadelphia sports fan and love to watch the Phillies and Eagles. I am currently enrolled in Advanced Pathophysiology and Theory and Research with my track being Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. My future career plans involve hopefully staying in emergency medicine in either an emergency department or in an urgent care, but I am keeping an open mind since anything can change once clinicals begin and I start to experience other specialties. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in person next semester.Theory and research are integrated and applied in everyday nursing practice. A theory is a set of concepts and propositions that can be applied and examined within clinical problems (Lor et al., 2017). Research begins with collecting information and identifying clinical problems to study. Theories are used as guides during research to further knowledge about a topic (Lor et al., 2017). Results are then implemented into practice and assists with shaping new standards of practice. When nurses apply research and theory to their practice, they are able to better explain the care they are proving and why they carry out certain functions which helps with improving the quality of care being delivered and improve outcomes (Younas & Quennell, 2019).References:Lor, M., Backonja, U., & Lauver, D. R. (2017). How could nurse researchers apply theory to generate knowledge more efficiently? Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 49(5), 580–589.

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