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HIV AIDS Movie Reflection

2-3 pages of reflection for the followings:Description: What happened?  Give a brief synopsis of the story (movie)Feelings: What is your reaction to this story? Be honest and professionalEvaluation and Analysis: What are some positive and negative things you observed in this story?  What sense can you make of the situation? Examine various characters and their multiple perspectives: differences, similarities, perceptions of the situationConclusions and actions: what could have been done differently?  How could a nurse in this story: (pick one)promote health and well beingenhance acceptance and understandingalleviate sufferingHere is the movie list of your choice:Dallas Buyers Club (2013)The Ryan White Story (1989)Rent (2005),Yesterday (2004)How to survive a plague (2012)The Lazarus effect (2010)And the band played on (1993)We were here (2010)

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