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Discussion response week ;Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by suggesting additional individuals and/or teams with whom you wish to collaborate or by offering additional networking strategies

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by  suggesting additional individuals and/or teams with whom you wish to  collaborate or by offering additional networking strategiesMy name is Yusuf Adegoke. I live in Chicago IL.  I  graduated from City Colleges of Chicago with Associates in Nursing in  2016, and Resurrection University at Chicago with BSN degree in 2018. I  am currently working at John H. Stroger Hospital as a Registered Nurse  on medical surgical/tele unit. My hobbies include travelling, watching  soccer and listening to music.  My career goal is to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse  Practitioner and I want to be able use my profession and experience to  change the way mental health is viewed in the community. I want to be  able educate people about mental health and encourage more people to  seek care, providing them with better resources and making mental health  more accessible to people. Walden University will give me the  opportunity to expand my view on a positive social change in the mental  health industry through research and collaborations towards the  achievement of my goal. This will lead to effective and efficient  intervention in providing care for people with mental health problems  and enhance provision of better resources and accessibility to mental  health. Also, it will enable me to develop strategies to meet every need  of the profession by learning, performing, and generalization of  adaptive behavior skills which is required for individuals with mental  health problems for them to socialize, adapt and integrate very well  within the community.Incorporation of Social ChangeWalden  University make provision for many professionals with diverse careers,  with the opportunity of equipping themselves into motivated learners and  positive social change makers in their various communities (Walden  University, 2022).   With all the opportunities made available by Walden  University through the program, I will be able to carefully plan and  develop the skills needed to make it easy for me to accomplish my  established goals and support people with mental health problems with  better access to resources, encourage them to seek care and making  mental health accessible to more people in the community. This will make  it easier for people with mental health to socialize and integrate into  the community, through behavior intervention, behavior modification,  and behavior shaping. My plan for promoting changes involves  continuing to acquire the knowledge, identify the issues, educate, and  care for everyone I encounter throughout my career to improve health  outcomes and quality of life for the community.NetworkingNetworking is getting to know people and developing personal and  professional relationship from there onward. It is like a process  whereby one interacts with others to get information and knowledge from  them. It is an accurate source of information and knowledge acquisition.  Networking will help me in getting the necessary information I needed  in developing and improving my skill sets. Meeting new people will allow  me to develop new skills, knowledge and help me in improving on my own  skills. Networking makes it possible to meet prospective mentors,  partners, and gain access to necessary resources will foster  professional and academic developments.

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