Impact of Global survillance

ScenarioDuring a global health volunteer trip, you identified the need for a disease surveillance program targeting a preventable disease within a global population. You would like to create awareness about this need and propose a solution.Select a preventable disease affecting a population and write a persuasive for the blog proposing a disease surveillance program.Introduce the topic and include a thesis statement (1 paragraph)Describe the preventable disease and population affected by the disease (1-2 paragraphs)Propose methods for a disease surveillance program within the population (up to 1 page)Suggest global health organizations that would be suited to launch the program (1-2 paragraphs)Explain how the program would be communicated to healthcare providers and communities (1-2 paragraphs)This should be in APA format. Information should be supported by evidence from professional sources, published within the past five years.

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