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I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BASEDIN THIS ARGUMENT..BETWEEN 100-120 WORDSEvidence-based practice is an essential component to the practice of a BSN nurse because it means we are providing the best, most up to date care for our patients. “Evidence-based practice helps nurses provide high-quality patient care based on research and knowledge rather than because this is the way we have always done it,” or based on traditions, myths, hunches, advice of colleagues, or outdated textbooks” (Jyothi, 2012). The BSN program prepares nurses to ask questions regarding clinical traditions and understand research that may guide practice changes. Ways that I will integrate evidence into my practice and encourage it include being part of shared leadership for my department and to provide information to the department regarding EBP for my annual individual goal. Shared leadership is a way for nurses to be involved in the decision making of the department. During meetings we discuss areas that need improvement and find ways to make the changes. Many of the issues we encounter have probably been dealt with in other department or hospitals, so research and EBP may be helpful in guiding the solutions. Researching EBP takes time, which equals money, so one obstacle to promoting EBP in shared leadership is the budget. The department does not want to pay for hours of research time spent on finding EBP. One way to minimize this obstacle is to share the research between the 9 members of the shared leadership team. This was the information can be researched during down time at work or during one of the monthly meetings.Another way of encouraging EBP in the workplace is to educate others and encourage them to ask why. An obstacle to this is that while most of the nurses I work with are BSN prepared nurses, they don’t research or use EBP on a daily basis so they are unfamiliar with resources. In my department we are required to make an annual goal as part of our evaluation, so mine could be to present information on how to promote EBP. Banner Boswell has a medical library and many online resources available, but many nurses do not use them. By presenting the available resources nurses would have the tools to research and implement EBP (Nurse One, n.d.).ReferencesJyothi, N. (2012). Evidence-based practice- The future of nursing and the role of nurse. International Journal of Nursing Education, 82-84.Nurse One. (n.d.). Strategies to promote. Retrieved from Nurse One: https://nurseone.ca/en/tools/evidence-based-practice/strategies-to-promote

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