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3D Printing in Healthcare – 6 pages

IntroductionThe introduction clearly and concisely states the purpose in a single sentence that is engaging and thought-provoking. The introduction clearly states the main topic and previews the structure and content.Summarize the history of the emerging technology. Search “history of your topic.”How did it start?What are the major milestones for its development?Include the history to date.Explain how the system can improve the following topics. The information should be specific and not a repetition of information.Patient SafetyThis is specific to your topic and not things in general. How does your emerging technology in healthcare address improving patient safety?Quality ImprovementDo not describe why quality improvement in general is important. For your selected topic, focus on practice improvement. Examples include but are not limited to less errors, less complications, better outcomes, etc.Cost ContainmentHow does the emerging technology save money or decrease the cost?Be specific- what are the savings.Patient EngagementHow is a patient engaged in the technology?Identify and explain a minimum of three pros and three cons of this system.Be explicit what are the pros and what are the cons.Do not repeat the same information from other sections.Identify and explain ethical, legal and standards that impact this emerging technology.Be specific with the legislation, administrative rule or standards.Do not explain why HIPAA is important.Conduct a search onEthical issues related to your topic.Legislation related to your topic.Governmental agencies related to your topicStandards related to your topicEvaluate the potential barriers for the further development of this emerging technology.Why is this an emerging technology?Why is it not more common in healthcare?Minimum of 4 referencesTopic is 3D printing in healthcare. Be careful that you distinguish between development and fully functional.

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