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Innovation Plan

Create an innovation plan proposal using the attached “Evidence-Based Innovation Plan Template.”A.  Introduce your innovation proposal by doing the following:1.  Explain the role of an innovative nurse leader.2.  Summarize the community of practice (CoP) established during your CPE, including the following points:a.  organizational characteristics, services provided, and size of the service areab.  demographic characteristics of the population servedc.  team member roles—formal and informald.  shared team values3.  Focusing on the organization identified in your CPE, discuss the internal and external factors that prompted this proposal.4.  Assess how your proposed innovation aligns to other professional, regulatory, and/or governmental strategic initiatives.5.  Construct a purpose statement for your proposed innovation.6.  Create a goal of the proposed innovation in SMART+C format (i.e., Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timed, and Challenging).B.  Complete a review of relevant sources by doing the following:1.  Identify five scholarly peer-reviewed sources published within the last five years that are relevant to your innovation proposal.2.  Complete the Relevant Sources Summary Table in the attached “Evidence-Based Innovation Plan Template.””3.  Identify the evidence strength and the hierarchy of each source, as outlined in the attached “WGU Levels of Evidence” document.NOTE: Use the WGU Evidence Leveling Navigation Tool in the Supporting Documents to identify the evidence strength and hierarchy for each source.4.  Synthesize your findings by identifying patterns, trends, and gaps in the literature as they relate to the proposed innovation.5.  Develop recommendations for the proposed innovation based on the literature.C.  Discuss the data-collection methods and technology used to identify and support the proposed innovation by doing the following:1.  Explain the process you used to generate ideas for an innovation from the CoP.2.  Provide examples of big and small data within your current healthcare setting.3.  Discuss how big data could be used to support the proposed innovation.4.  Describe technology enhancements required for the proposed innovation.NOTE: A technology enhancement could be the development of a new technology or enhanced application of an existing technology.D.  Discuss how to support interprofessional collaboration in the midst of disruptive innovation by doing the following:1.  Analyze how disruption from the proposed innovation could impact individuals, processes, and organizations.2.  Develop strategies to mitigate the challenges of disruption for individuals, processes, and organizations.3.  Discuss how the proposed innovation can leverage benefits of disruptive innovation for cost-effective, quality healthcare outcomes.E.  Discuss your pre-implementation plan by doing the following:1.  Discuss diffusion of innovation as it relates to the implementation of your plan.NOTE: Refer to the COS for Roger’s Theory.2.  Identify the roles and responsibilities of team members needed to implement your proposal using the Innovation Action Plan table in the attached “Evidence-Based Innovation Plan Template” including information that is practical, accurate, and relevant to the proposed innovation. ”3.  Discuss the financial implications of implementing the proposed innovation.4.  Develop an interprofessional communication plan accounting for the logistics (i.e., the who, what, when, and where) of facilitating the innovation and its usability.5.  Discuss how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed innovation.F.  Conclude your innovation proposal by doing the following:1.  Reiterate the purpose and rationale for your proposed innovation.2.  Reflect on your experience identifying an innovation for your setting.3.  Discuss the strengths and challenges of the process used for developing this innovation plan.4.  Discuss how you will apply what you have learned for future initiatives.

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