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Implementation Plan

Complete the Health Care Change Project Matrix with the following information:Describe the methods to be used to implement the proposed solution.Proposed Solution: CARE COORDINATIONDevelop a plan for implementing the proposed solution.Incorporate a theory to develop the implementation plan and explain how it is used to develop the plan.Identify resources needed for the proposed solution’s implementation and how you plan to gather and incorporate them.Describe outcome measures aligned with planned outcomesDiscuss the feasibility of the implementation plan.Format your plan consistent with APA guidelines. Include a minimum of 6 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles from the University Library within the outcome descriptions.  Ensure you include an APA formatted reference page. Minimum of 300 words per question in the matrix.** USE ATTACHED PROJECT MATRIX FORM TO ANSWER QUESTIONS** REFERENCE TO ATTACHED PROPOSED SOLUTIONDUE DATE: 9/18/16 @ 10 am PST (California)

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