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Infrastructure review

Infrastructure ReviewAs a nurse executive leader, you may very well be tasked with the evaluation of the current technology safeguards, infrastructure, and regulations surrounding the security of the enormous amount of patient data collected in your organization. As nursing continues to increase point-of-care clinical technology, there is potential to increase vulnerabilities and risks with protected health information.There are a variety of tools to assist with these evaluations.( HealthIT.gov has downloadable programs for aSecurity Risk Assessment Tool.)Choose one of the Word documents, and do not choose the same one as your peers if possible.Analyze the Administrative, Technical, or Physical Safeguards using the corresponding SRA tool.Include the following aspects in the discussion:Complete a review of your own organization’s infrastructure using the chosen tool. If you are not working, choose an organization for which you once worked (the chosen tool does not need to be submitted).Seek assistance when needed from appropriate departments within your own healthcare institutionSummarize what you discovered during the reviewHow did the tool assist in your assessment?Discuss one vulnerability that you have discoveredDiscuss how you as a leader will protect your organization from outside threatsNOTE- JUST WRITE 100 WORDS.

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