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Business Plan Development Paper

Identify a need or area for potential growth for your work setting. Develop a business plan for proposed venture. Include how you intend to stash your business plan and the skill mix. Your business plan should be at least 12 – 15 pages long, APA format, and should contain the elements as outlined in the grading rubric.Examples might include:- Raising the acuity level of a newborn nursery from Level 1 to Level 2- Adding transplant surgery in the operating room- Developing a diabetic educational outreach program to an already existing inpatient facility.My topic: Would like to open an additional 5 beds on 2 East (medical surgical unit)Please refer to attachments for example paper and additional information to use for paper.RubricProblem or Need  Identification   20 pointsProduct   Definition    20 pointsMarket Analysis           30 pointsBudget Estimates       30 pointsAdditional   Financial Analysis    15 pointsTimeline   20 pointsConclusion and   Feasibility Statement  20 pointsAppendices and   Supporting Documents      20 pointsGrammar,   Spelling, Sentence Structure, Syntax, APA    25 pointsTotal  points: 200

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