Critique article analysis — Lived experience

Nursing Research. Please make sure you are very comfortable with NURSING RESEARCH before offering to do assignment…..this is one half of my final grade!!!!!Please use the article “The lived experience of women victims of intimate partner violence” to complete this critique. There is no time limit however, once you click submit you will not be able to return to the critique. Be sure to save your work.Answer all questions fully w/reference1) What was the goal of the research?2) What were the study objectives? Did they relate to the goal of the study?3) Why is the research design appropriate for addressing the research goal?4) Explain how the sample selection was appropriate for this research study5) How were data collection methods appropriate to the research design and study aims?6) How were ethical issues taken into consideration?7) Do you believe that data analysis was sufficiently rigorous? Why or why not?8) Were the findings explicit and supported by sufficient evidence? Provide rationale for your answer.9) How does the researcher link results to existing knowledge?10) Why is this research important to nursing practice?Textbook reference:Boswell, C. & Cannon, S. (2013). Introduction to nursing research: Incorporating evidencebased practice (3rd  ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.  ISBN: 1-4496-9507-8PLEASE READ CAREFULLY TO MAKE SURE YOU CAN ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AND RETURN RESPONSE ON TIME…….

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