Answer the following questions1- Consumer Informatics is aimed to providing information technology solutions to encourage and assure involvement of consumers ( sick and healthy individuals) in both curative and preventive healthcare services. Further, it would support patient- centric health care approach. How would encourage patients and other individuals to utilize those solutions? Should you provide patients with all his/her clinical data? Explain2- Who owns Personal health record (PHR) and what are the different types of PHR?3- How should you deal with the Patient Generated Data? Would you advise to include it in the hospital Electronic Health Record?4- What are the values of having Mobile health applications?5- There are many mobile applications in market. Is there any framework that may provide conceptualizing of all mobile application?6- What are the limitations of mobile health applications?7- Can you think of area that still needs to be targeted by mobile health applications?9- Do you think that mobile applications are able to provide consistent behavioral change? Explain10- How public health data are different that Patient health data?

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