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3 apa sources no older than 5 years. APA Format exceptional.Student,Privacy is the topic of big data is a concern in the health care field but also amongst patients. Many patients already mistrust the healthcare system. Privacy of healthcare data is used to prevent connections between patients’ medical information and specific individuals (Big data security and privacy issues in healthcare, 2022). The privacy of big data can help decrease discrimination based on medical data. Most health insurance is from a person’s workplace and the idea of them learning sensitive medical information can cause them to discriminate against the employee and possibly not provide them medical insurance (Cohen, 2019). This is also true if an employer gets sensitive medical information and chooses not to hire an employee based on that data.Big data security and privacy issues in healthcare. (2022). TripleBlind. https://tripleblind.ai/article/big-data-security-and-privacy-issues-in-healthcare/Cohen, I. G. (2019). Privacy in the age of medical big data. Nature Medicine, 25(1), 37. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41591-018-0272-7

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