Carah Chapter 2 Representation and Viewing Codes of Gender

Read excerpt from the following chapter from Carah:This chapter adds more detail to our examination of how meaning is made. It specifically helps us understand the theory of semiotics and the method of analysis.It returns to the definition of hegemony, power, ideology and discourse examined in the introductory chapterAfter you have read the chapter watch the following film.Watch Codes of Gender: Identity performance in pop culture. are examining how meaning is made. Meanings are constructed through our coding practices. This film uses the research of Erving Goffman to examine how codes have been used in advertising.  For this film complete the following:On a document,  type out each of the phrases listed below.  Underneath each heading explain in two or three sentences what is meant by the term.The Feminine TouchThe Ritualization of SubordinationLicensed WithdrawalInfantilizationCodes of MasculinityFor your assignment to be counted as complete, you must explain the concepts using your own words. Do not simply cut and paste quotations from the film. Make sure that it is clear how you understand the concepts.

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