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Write 2 paragraphs reflecting on your understanding of concept analysis in nursing based on what you just wrote. Provide one specific example of how you achieved the weekly objectives. What knowledge do you still need to demonstrate competency in the weekly concepts? What skills do you need to continue developing to apply these concepts?The objective- A concept analysis is a structured process of examining a complex concept in order to determine a mutual understanding within an applied context. Concept analysis is used to make sense of concepts foundational to theory development. There are several different methods for conducting a concept analysis; however most methods share common process steps. Determine the Aim or Purpose of the AnalysisThe next step is to consider the aims of the analysis. For the nurse leader, the aims of the concept analysis is to gain a broader understanding of leadership styles and how the concept of empowerment plays an integral link to better nursing satisfaction and retention, as well as being a transformational leader. The leader also can consider whether there are purposes in nursing practice for the analysis of the concept of empowerment. The nurse leader might want to differentiate between jargon, casual use, and scientific discourse on the concept (Walker & Avant, 2011).Identify all Uses of the ConceptWays to identify all the uses of a concept include using dictionaries, colleagues, thesauruses, and the scholarly peer reviewed literature. It is important for the nurse leader to keep an open mind at this point and avoid the limitation of only one perspective on the concept of empowerment (Walker & Avant, 2011). The nurse leader should go beyond healthcare resources and explore scholarly literature for various domains of knowledge and professions. If the nurse leader finds many uses and a lot of variation of empowerment, the nurse leader may need to reflect again on the aims and purposes of the concept analysis to identify a specific focus.

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