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Hajjar and UDHR

Once you have read the Hajjar chapter and the UDHR, please complete this eResponse by writing concise but thorough answers to all of the following questions.Hajjar attached,UDHR web: https://www.un.org/en/about-us/universal-declaration-of-human-rightsYou must include page numbers in each question–your score will depend on it. I do not require any specific citation format. Just include (author last name, page number) at the end of the relevant sentences. Please note that you must cite when you draw any ideas from the text, whether or not you explicitly quote it. And you must draw your ideas from the text because that is the assignment.Please be sure that if and when you use a direct quotation from the reading, you also explain what that quotation means in your own words.Please complete your eResponse by the deadline listed for this assignment.What are some sources (in other words, documents, agreements, conventions, etc.) of human rights law?What is the problem of enforcement related to human rights law? What is the political concept that makes enforcement difficult?Hajjar starts by talking about women who survived Omarska–what does she argue about how human rights law affected these survivors? What did law fail to do and what did it enable?In terms of the UDHR, what surprised you about the document and, specifically, the rights enumerated therein? Was there something you expected to see but didn’t, or something you didn’t expect that was in fact included?

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