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Week 3 Chapter 4

Answer the following questions using information found in Chapter 4. Credit will not be given if information found on the internet differs from information in the text. Please use Canvas to submit assignment.1. What is a sole proprietorship? Give the pros and cons of selecting that form of business. (20) points2. Explain the different types of partnerships. (10) points3. Describe the issues that should be included in the partnership agreement.(10) points4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of partnerships? (10) points5. What is a corporation? (5) points6. What is a closed corporation? (5) points7. What is an open corporation? (5) points8. What is a domestic corporation?(5) points9. What is a foreign corporation? (5) points10. What is an alien corporation? (5) points11. Explain the Hierarchy of corporate structure. (10) points12. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a corporate structure? (10) points13. What is an S Corporation? (10) points14. What is an LLC? (10) points15. Explain horizontal, vertical and conglomerate mergers. Give an example of each that is not in the book. (20) points

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