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Infographic Mapping

You will choose a health topic of your choice and find infographics related to your topic.Find at least 5 infographics related to your topic choice and compile them in a PowerPoint presentation slide.Evaluate each infographic for effectiveness by answering the following questions below and include them on the PowerPoint presentation.What is useful about putting information in this format?What different pieces of information are included on this infographic?What information was included in this infographic that allows non-science people to understand the content?Write an abstract about what is the infographic about (two or three sentences that highlights the purpose of the infographic.)What story is being told in the infographic?Does it have a clear and meaningful title?What are the most important or surprising points in the data? What does the data mean? Are there sources for the data? If so, visit the sources, Are they valid websites/sources? What are the most important or surprising points in the data?Can we provide a better context for the data?Are there spelling or grammar errors? (if there are errors, chances are there are errors in the data)How are colors used differently in each one? Are some colors more powerful than others?How are objects displayed on each one? Do sizes of the objects matter in presentation the proposed information?How do the words support or distract from the message?

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