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For first assignment, you are to find an article (ATTACHED) that is relevant to your field of study and/or area of work that deals with the ethical considerations of your discipline, particularly any new or emerging challenges to the ethical practice of your profession.  Word length should be at least 250 words.Provide a full reference to the article using the APA Style Manual.  (This section does not count toward your word limit.)Who did the study, and on what topic?  Explain the ethical consideration(s), briefly.What guidance, if any, did the author(s) give regarding how to handle these concerns?In your professional opinion, did the author(s) give sufficient explanation and solution to these concerns?  Why or why not?Article Reference:R. Nelson, D. (2020). Pastoral leadership as creativity and resilience. Dialog: A Journal of Theology,              59(3), 212–217. https://doi-org.libraryresources.waldorf.edu/10.1111/dial.12570

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