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Case 2

TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENTAssignment OverviewTotal Quality Management (TQM) has an important role in any company; with the implementation of this program, companies can continuously improve their performance. Thus, organizations will be able to considerably meet their internal and external clients’ needs in terms of services and product quality, and develop an efficient and profitable business. The paper below analyzes how this concept was implemented by British Airways, since it is among the first companies to implement such a program.Anca Madar, Implementation of total quality management Case study: British Airways, Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Braşov Series V: Economic Sciences • Vol. 8 (57) No. 1 – 2015, Retrieved from https://docplayer.net/21331451-Implementation-of-total-quality-management-case-study-british-airways.htmlCase AssignmentIdentify the quality problems for British Airways.Summarize the implementation of TQM by British Airways and the outcomes.Provide suggestions to improve implementation and results.Comment on how effective it would be if British Airways employed Six Sigma techniques.Assignment ExpectationsUse the information provided in the Background readings. Do any additional research as necessary.Review the information in the British Airways case study and become familiar with the products and processes.There is no set response to the case questions, so do not hesitate to think outside the box.It is essential to provide a well-written paper with detailed analysis.READ the information provided by the resources and references on the Background page. Understand the theory and concept of TQM and Six Sigma.NOTE: Cite the references in the Background, as well as additional references you use in your Case paper.The report should be 5–6 pages and submitted by the Module due date.

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