Music 200 week 4 forum

for week 4 forum, a word cloud featuring terms relating to the enlightenment and classical music is used.- Complete week 4 reading and listening , which includes Chapter 4 “Classical Era” in the course text and the week 4 lesson.- Choose an example from the listening below.- Listen carefully to your selection.- Using at least 10 words from the Classical Music word cloud, describe specific elements that relate to your musical selection. Note: that the words do not count towards the 10 words requirement: music, musical, composer/s, and classical. Write in complete sentences. The ten times need to be used in a way that relate to music and /or culture in the classical era. initial poste are to be a minimum of 250 words.- Bold or highlight the ten words in your answer chosen from the classical music word cloud.- Post your completed answer to the week 4 forum.Litening List:1. Mozart, “Piano Sonata No11 in A major, third movement2. Mozart, “Piano Concerto No21 in C major, K 467″3. Mozart, “Symphony No40 in G minor, K 550, fourth movement4. Mozart, “Der Holle Rach” from act 2 of the Magic Flute.5. Mozart, “The Marriage of Figaro, Overture”6. Haydn, “String Quartet No62 in C major.7. Haydn, “String Quartet No53 in D major, Op 64 No5” (The lARK)8. Haydn, “Symphony No94 in G major” (the Surprise Symphony)9. Haydn, “Trumpet concerto in E-flat major”10. Beethoven, “Piano concerto No4 in Gmajor, Op 58, second and third movement.

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