HA415 Unit 9 Assigment

In the year 2017 The United States experienced a chain of weather related and natural disaster events. All of these disasters have necessitated that hospitals be able to react in an efficient and effective manner to mass casualty events and to have as few medical errors as possible. You have recently been hired as a hospital risk manager. The Risk Manager is responsible for the facility’s risk management activities, which include assisting with the management of general and professional liability claims against the facility and collaborating with the hospital legal counsel. This new job requires that you ready the hospital for almost any situation presented including disasters, medical errors, tort liability, and promoting a systems analysis for promoting and improving patient safety.The hospital CEO would like you to construct a risk management policy analysis for the hospital that covers all these areas. This will be your opportunity to show everyone they hired the right person for the job. You will communicate your plan in a PowerPoint presentation to the hospital board and selected stakeholders.InstructionsCreate a PowerPoint presentation at least 15 slides in length that discusses your planned proposal. Each process should be outlined in 2–4 slides. Include detailed speaker’s notes that describe your program. Be sure to include references and citations from at least five sources. Your PowerPoint presentation needs to be visually appealing, to catch your audience’s attention, as your goal is to promote your program to the people attending.You will construct a five-step method for writing a thorough risk management policy analysis as outlined inTitle: Essentials of Health Policy and LawEdition: 3rd (2017) Author: Teitelbaum, Joel and Wilensky, SaraPublisher: Jones and Bartlett BookISBN: 9781284162585 EbookISBN: 9781284158793Chapter 14 that include these basic elements.1. Problem statement: Defines the problem addressed in the analysis2. Background: Provides factual information needed to understand the problem3. Landscape: Reviews the various stakeholders and their concerns4. Options: Describes and analyzes several options to address the problem5. Recommendation: Offers options as the best actions to pursueThis project will be presented in PowerPoint style, as you will be submitting your proposal to this group of hospital employees, board members, and selected groups.RequirementsWriter outlines a plan for reacting to natural and/or man-made disasters that result in mass casualties.Writer explains various causes of medical errors and how a systems approach to the problem is needed.Writer thoroughly analyzes how the new systems approach to medical errors in the hospital will satisfy all stakeholders; improve results, and how success will be measured. A step-by-step plan for implementation of your proposal and communication of the results is provided.Writer describes how the new systems approach for the hospital will meet the patient’s needs, priorities and expectations in a manner that exemplifies the values of respect, compassion, justice, and community pride in the hospital.Please be sure to review the various Academic Tools to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written Assignments.

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