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HA565 Unit 7 Discussion

Using as references:Wickersham, M. E., & Basey, S. (2016). Is accreditation sufficient? A case study and argument for transparency when government regulatory authority is delegated. Journal of Health & Human Services Administration, 39(2), 245–282.Ratwani, R., Fairbanks, T., Savage, E., Adams, K., Wittie, M., Boone, E., & … Gettinger, A. (2016). Mind the Gap. A systematic review to identify usability and safety challenges and practices during electronic health record implementation. Applied CliniDiscuss:Fred has been working in acute care facilities for the past 5 years. After he graduated from his HIT program and passed the HIT exam, he was offered a position as the HIM manager in his organization. Fred has heard through the grapevine that the center’s records have not been strictly maintained and that the new manager will be expected to organize the records and to ensure that the facility’s documentation policies are in compliance with all of the regulatory and accrediting bodies. If Fred decides to accept this position, what can he do to ensure that he is prepared for the challenges of his new position?Using their references, in two different paragraphs give your personal opinion to  Samantha Thompson and Felita Daniel-sacagiuFelita Daniel-sacagiuFred must make sure he is familiar with and understands all policies and compliance regulations.  Coordination with staff and/or supervisors to evaluate current departmental processes and procedures about what is working, what is not working, and why it is not working.  Working to get a clear understanding as to why records have not been maintained is crucial.  He must be prepared to educate staff about policies, procedures, and compliance regulations.  As the manager, he must be prepared to:Implement processes and systems to support accurate and complete medical record documentationWork with physicians to improve the quality of documentationWork with coding staff to ensure accurate coding for reimbursement and clinical carePrepare and analyze clinical data for research purposes, process improvement, utilization management, mandatory reporting,What Do Health Information Managers Do?: University of Wisconsin HIMT. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://himt.wisconsin.edu/about-himt/what-him-managers-do/Samantha ThompsonI believe that the first thing to do is understand expectations. These means getting with those who expect this task and what they want done. This gives clear guidelines and allows Fred to know if they are even speaking the same language. Next, Fred needs to get familiar with the policies and compliance standards. Only once he understands the expectations fully should he dive into the raw material.Then comes the daunting task of getting an idea of what has occurred. This includes running audits to see where things went wrong and looking at where the records should be. He has to answer the questions of what went wrong? How did it happen? What can be put in place to prevent this from happening in the future. Only then can the plan for change be presented to those in charge and then reconstructed through the policy guidelines if need be. Using the technology as much as possible will have a greater effect in the long run as well. Once completed, he needs to run another audit and have a plan to run audits at random with the coming years to be sure that compliance is happening. Anyone who doesn’t understand the system must be taught so that the problem doesn’t occur in the future.Reference:Kusserow, Richard. (2015). Tips on Preparing for and Conducting Compliance. Retrieved from: https://compliance.com/blog/tips-preparing-conducting-compliance-investigations

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