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Developing a Policy for Safety in Group Homes

The document attached is the one that is referenced in the video.  It includes “Model Practices” for states and providers, beginning in the Appendices.Please skim the entire report and then closely review pages 21 – 32.  These pages will give you information about what a provider should consider in building appropriate incident reporting policies and procedures.For this assignment, assume you are an administrator for a small group home that houses 10 residents.  The board of directors of the group home have decided that, in light of new requirements that the state will impose as a result of OIG oversight, you need to develop an entirely new policy and procedure for reporting critical incidents.This is a two-step assignment:(1) Using the material from the text and those provided here, draft an outline of a policy and procedure that your staff must use to evaluate, report, and address critical incidents.  For purposes of this exercise, assume that “critical incident” is defined in Policy 1-003.  Thus, you can use that Policy as a reference and do not need to define critical incident.  The important part of the assignment is to present, in outline form, each section of the policy (as is discussed in Chapter 8) and and an outline for developing a draft procedure that employees should follow.(2) Once you have a draft policy outline, write a cover memorandum to the board of directors from you (Group Home Administrator).  In the cover memorandum, please outline the organizational process you recommend to finalize the policy and procedure.

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