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COVID Social Distancing ROI/IDPH-Coding

Battleground Medical Center is requiring that all Departments participate in the creation of a Coronavirus Preparedness Plan.a.       Your Role:   Release of Information (ROI) Managerb.       Your Task:   Create a plan to address social distancing for the HIM frontline of ROI.c.       Your Task:   Provide an update of recent changes in HIPAA regulations in response to Covid-19. Use various online and media sources such as daily Illinois Department of Public Health’s daily briefs, incorporate statistical data for the State of Illinois and reference any new code sets.https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/icd/ICD-10-CM-Official-Coding-Gudance-Interim-Advice-coronavirus-feb-20-2020.pdfAPA format please include references1-2 pages

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