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Asian American Religiosities

Reading and Lecture Analysis JournalValue: 100 pointsDue: See syllabus and/or iLearnObjective:Write 10 reading and lecture analysis journal entries that employ course materials from each unit.These reading and lecture analysis journal entries provide you with an opportunity to do the following:To enable you to understand your learning process;To deepen the quality of learning, in the form of critical thinking or developing a questioning attitude;To increase active involvement in learning and personal ownership of learning;To enhance creativity by allowing you to write about what you found to be interesting or want to know more about;To free-up writing and the representation of learning;To provide you a chance to ‘voice’ your ideas and to show that you are learning from course materials and resources;To foster reflective and creative learning that promotes appreciation for human diversity, pluralism, multicultural, global perspectives, and lifelong learning.Scope:Each entry should be single-spaced and about one to two full pagees in length.After you complete the assigned readings and viewed all other learning resources for a particular week’s lesson, you can select a topic or topics that most interested you, or that provoked a reaction, or that you have questions about and want to process. There is no right or wrong, as each entry will be measured and evaluated on its content, quality of analysis, and clarity of writing.Note re: citing lectures. If it is Prof. Lee’s lectures, citations should look like this (Lee, “title of lecture”, week #).Assignment:Write 10 reading and lecture analysis journal entries that employ course materials from each unit.The entries must do the following:Must be one to two full pages in length, single space;All entries must be in one Word document, as you will submit this file on TurnItIn through iLearn;You must discuss a topic or topics or question or questions that you have after completing the assigned readings and other learning resources available on iLearn;You must directly engage with at least three learning resources (one of them must be an assigned reading; the other two can be other readings, videos, land/or lectures) in each entry! [Note: You can impress Prof. Lee by using more than the required three learning resources!]If your entry does not fulfill this requirement, it will result in an automatic 0/10.Please do make sure you engage with a required reading from the unit of the week.Not meeting required resources above will result in -3 points deduction for each of the two remaining required resource.You must engage with assigned readings and other learning materials in the course by using proper citations and quotations using MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard styles for writing.You must include a Works Cited that is properly formatted. Omitting a Works Cited will result in -3 points deduction.You can use outside resources if you investigated a topic further, but not in lieu of the three required resources from each unit.Writing is important, so make sure you write early and edit. Clarity of writing is important and an important skill to develop. In order to do this successfully, it is recommended that you do not wait until the last minute.Be thoughtful in each entry. Provide analysis and link/connect as many class resources as possible to each entry. This is your chance to show that you have read the assigned readings, watch the videos and lectures, and have thoughtfully and creatively reflected on the data, ideas, and arguments of all learning materials.There is no right or wrong “answers” in this assignment. You will be evaluated on the quality of the content.All late submission will receive -3 points deduction; each additional day is -3 points per day.Please see the Rubric for Writing Assignments for more information on how writing is evaluated.Tip: Be aware of only summarizing: this assignment calls for analysis, which means your ability to: apply things you learn in the class to the real world; your ability to synthesize theoretical concepts (unpacking the theory, testing the theory, questioning the theory); your ability to critique arguments, ideas, theories covered in class materials; your ability to offer your own unique insights into an issue; and your ability to put various voices into a dialogue.For example:A says “…” which confirms B’s notion of ….. but differs from C’s conclusion about….; My experience suggest name-a-concept is valid because….; Name-a-concept argues that… which A, B, and Z validated in their research. However, another school of thought contends….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCvhM0jxAeIhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHgYEz0GDBs&t=4sthere is a quiz along with this, ask me when you need the login ID and password

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