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Discussion: Analyzing Test A and Test B

Topic: In a new discussion thread, study the following descriptions of two tests and answer the two questions that follow the test descriptions. Then post a reply to a classmate.Test A: 40 itemsDescription: Measure of self-esteemScales: Total Score, General Self-Esteem, Social Self-Esteem, Personal Self-EsteemReliability: Test-retest r = .81; coefficient alphas for the Total Score, General Self-Esteem, Social Self-Esteem, Personal Self-Esteem scales are .75, .78, .57 and .72, respectively.Validity:Content—developed construct definitions for self-esteem, developed table of specifications, wrote items covering all content areas, used experts to evaluate items.Convergent—correlated with Coopersmith’s Self-Esteem Inventory (r = .41).Discriminant—correlated with Beck Depression Inventory (r = .05). Factor analysis revealed that the three subscales (General Self-Esteem, Social Self-Esteem, Personal Self-Esteem) are dimensions of self-esteem.Homogeneity—correlations between the scales indicate the General scale correlated with the Social scale at .67, the Personal scale at .79, and the Total scale at .89.Test B: 117 itemsScales: Global self-esteem, competence, lovability, likability, self-control, personal power, moral self-approval, body appearance, body functioning, identity integration, and defensive self-enhancement.Reliability: Test-retest for each scale ranges from .65 to .71. Coefficient alphas range on each scale from .71 to .77.Validity:Content—based on a three-level hierarchical model of self-esteem.Convergent—correlated with the Self-Concept and Motivation Inventory (r = .25) and with the Eysenck Personality Inventory (r = .45).Discriminant—correlated with Hamilton Depression Inventory (r = .19).Please post your responses to the following questions:Given this technical information, which of the above instruments would you select?What additional information would you want to have to make your decision?Support your thread with at least 2 citations and include Christian worldview or biblical themes were appropriate. Each reply must also include at least 1 citation from class or outside materials.Submit your250–300 wordthread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of Module/Week 3.

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