Multiple Regression in SPSS results with 1 paragraph & 2 page Article Critique

Due 12/8 7 p.m ESTBe on time & ORIGINAL WORK!Please read carefully, KNOW SPSSDATA attached for assignment 1 (Attached 2 in case one doesn’t open)Assignment 2 pages not including title & ref min 3 APABased on the dataset (ATTACHED ANXIETY), construct a research question that can be answered with a multiple regression analysis.Write a 1page analysis of your multiple regression results for each research question. In your analysis, display the data for the output. Based on your results, provide an explanation of what the implications of social change might be.Note from professor: What parts of the regression output do I need to see? I prefer to see the following pieces: (1) the syntax, which is printed in the Output window above the output of the procedure you ran (in this case, above the word Regression, (2) the Model Summary, (3) the ANOVA table, and the (4) Coefficients. You can include them in a Word document by right clicking on the item in the Output window, which puts it into the Clipboard, which then allows you to paste the item into Word.Assignment 2   Article Critique (Multiple Regression)The practice of quantitative research not only involves statistical calculations and formulas but also involves the understanding of statistical techniques related to real-world applications. You might not become a quantitative researcher nor use statistical methods in your profession but as a consumer, citizen, and scholar-practitioner, it will be important for you to become a critical consumer of research, which will empower you to read, interpret, and evaluate the strength of claims made in scholarly material and daily news.For this Assignment, you will critically evaluate a scholarly article related to multiple regression.Article Critique (Multiple Regression)

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