Week 2: Discussion: Inflammation, Immunity, Neoplasms, and Cancer

This week’s discussion focuses on the health conditions, clinical manifestations and complications related to discussed inflammation, immunity, neoplasms, and cancer.Based on your readings and understanding of the topics or concepts, develop a question that applies to a concept or a disease process, wellness or illness you found interesting. Use Bloom’s Taxonomy to help you formulate your question. I’ve attached a description of the taxonomy to assist you with the assignment. Submit the question to the discussion thread for one of your classmates to answer.This week, we discussed inflammation, immunity, neoplasms, and cancer. Select a topic from your readings, outcomes, objectives, concepts and sub-concepts (below) and present a question that applies to a concept or a disease process, wellness or illness. Submit your question in the following formats: audio, text or webcam. Once your comment has been posted, submit responses to your peers’ questions and comments. Consider the outcomes, objectives and concepts below when formulating your initial question.Your question and response should explain, illustrate, justify, trace, discuss, compare, contrast, agree or disagree, interpret, evaluate, and summarize.Weekly Outcomes & Weekly ObjectivesExplore alterations in structure and function of defense mechanisms. (COs 1 and 3)Trace the impact of alterations in defense mechanisms on homeostasis. (CO 2)Summarize the impact of altered defenses on the individual. (CO 3)Understand inflammation, healing, infection, immunity, and neoplasms and cancer.Apply growth and development principles as they relate to the impact of aging on the pathophysiologic changes.Compare and contrast processes of inflammatory and healing processes, alterations in immune responses, and pathological processes of the immune system.Apply understanding of alterations in inflammatory and healing processes and across the lifespan to formulate care priorities.Describe how genetics influence pathophysiological alterations in healing, immunologic responses, and integumentary system.Explain carcinogenesis, risk factors, stages of tumor development, and preventive strategies.Main Topics and ConceptsSub-Concepts with ExemplarAlterations in inflammation and healing processesEnvironmental influences on lines of defenseAlterations in immunity and immune responsesNeoplasms and cancerStress and associated problemsCellular adaptation: squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, and Kaposi’s sarcomaFluids and electrolytes: dehydration and age considerations across the lifespanImmunity: inflammatory skin disordersInfection: wounds; abscess; viral and fungal; respiratoryInflammation: acute and chronic conditionsMetabolism: negative nitrogen balance and protein deficienciesMobility and immobility: age, pain, cancer; fractures and osteoarthritisNutrition: vitamin deficiencies; anorexiaOxygenation: anemia and hemoglobin and hematocrit levelsPerfusion: diabetes mellitus and atherosclerosisSensory perception: cataractsFor full credit, your initial post should:-introduce the question-include 2 scholarly sources (one is an assigned reading, the other is a journal article or credible website)***BOOK PDF POSTED BELOW***

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