HA 510 Discussion Unit 1

Answer the following using as referenceTitle: Haimann’s Healthcare ManagementEdition: 10th (2015)Author: DunnPublisher: Health AdministrationPress Book ISBN: 978-1567937251Unit 1 and 2What information do you hope to gain from this course and how you hope to use it?  ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR HEALTH CAREList at least one time management tip that might help your classmates to excel in this course.Suppose you had a dinner party and you could invite two people, past or present. Who would you invite and why? (If you like, you can also include possible topics of conversation and what you might serve.)Reviewing school of management theory as they relate toModern management needs for change and behavior strategies.follow the instructions below:Human Resources SchoolWhat are the most important features of this school’s management theory?How can the components of the theory be used in today’s health care setting?

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