Article Review 2 pages- APA FORMAT- 2 REFERENCES

Please read below statement:IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS. NO PLAGIARISM! NO QUOTES, MUST PARAPHRASE. I WILL CHECK FOR RECYCLED WORK AND PLAGIARISM. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE 11/29/21 AT 9PM PST. IF YOU CANT MEET THIS DEADLINE, DONT AGREE TO DO MY ASSIGNMENT. PRICE ISNT NEGOTIABLE.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND BY ACCEPTING TO DO MY WORK, I HAVE STRICT RULES. I DONT LIKE TO DISPUTE, BUT I WILL IF DIRECTIONS ARENT BEING FOLLOWED. IF I SEE SOMETHING WRONG AFTER PURCHASING, I WILL GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO FIX IT IMMEDIATELY. THIS DOESNT MEAN HOURS  LATER. IF YOU TURN SOMETHING INTO ME EARLY, I EXPECT YOU TO FIX MY ASSIGNMENT IMMEDIATELY. DONT LIE TO ME, IF THESE RULES ARENT FOLLOWED, I WILL DISPUTEFind a peer-reviewed journal article that involves the health disparity topic of Vaccinations, fear, lack of availability in low income areas, and includes diffusion of innovation theory. If you cannot find an article that focuses on your health disparity topic, please choose one that addresses another health outcome.You are welcome to use an article that you expect will be useful in your final paper (e.g., a research article describing an evaluation of an intervention or program that addresses your health disparity topic).This assignment must reflect graduate-level writing and critical thinking. The article you select should be an empirical study (not a review study), meaning that it involved the collection of data. The article could be, for example, research that has used the theory to examine theoretical risk factors for obesity, has tested the behavior theory in some way, or has used the theory in an intervention. Include the citation for the chosen article in your paper. Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.In your paper,Describe the theory that was chosen including all of the main elements, constructs, definitions or descriptions of the constructs, and how the constructs are related to each other and ultimately to behavior.Describe the opinion leaders, change agents, and their role.Summarize the research article in your own words. Do not copy and paste from the abstract.Describe the author(s) use of the theory in the research and how it was applied to the research.Describe your thoughts and opinions about how the author(s) used the theory (any strengths and weaknesses).Describe the implications for future interventions.Describe the theory’s relevancy to other public health issues or topics.Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.

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