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HCA 430: Unit 4 Article Assess & Apply: Healthcare Financial Statements

Every industry offers free web journals, blogs, and e-newsletters that publish the latest news, opinion, and trends. In your weekly Article, Assess, and Apply review focus on these non-academic, subscription free resources to stay current on industry challenges, trends, and opportunities, keeping your finger on the financial pulse.Week 4 Topic: Healthcare Financial StatementsInstructionsReview an article from a healthcare affiliated professional association, journal, insurance payer, or government organization on this weeks topic. You are reviewing the article to summarize and evaluate the information based on proof and your own reasoning. You are not reviewing the article to determine if it was good or bad, but to explain it and relate it to the healthcare environment.Use theArticle Assessment templateto summarize the article, apply the concepts to current HCA financial management tasks, and explore new terminology.The article you select must be aligned with this weeks topic, current (within the last year), and from a credible site. Check out the links below for some credible options;  be sure to select an article you understand based on your current learning.   Each part of the template must be completed as directed and submitted for grading.Websites:Healthcare Finance News: http://www.healthcarefinancenews.com/Healthcare Financial Management Association: https://www.hfma.org/news/Modern Healthcare:http://www.modernhealthcare.com/section/finance   (Links to an external site.)National Center for Healthcare Leadership:  http://www.nchl.org/static.asp?path=2853Beckers Hospital Review:https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/7-thoughts-on-what-s-next-and-best-in-healthcare-finance.html

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