Topic Phishing and Malware

Using Capella Resources to Pick a TopicIn your assignment next week, you will practice writing a research question that is grounded in literature. This process will help you understand how you might come up with a dissertation research topic, based on a technical business problem, which is grounded in both practical business reality and the business and technical scholarly and practitioner literature in the field.For this discussion, please do the following:Review appropriate research topics at Capella University. The Acceptable Topics & Methods in DIT [PDF] document will help guide you in this process.Read these snippets taken from the DIT/DBA Dissertation Chapter Guides.Business Problem and Research Question Guide Snippets [PDF].Post a two-paragraph posting in which you do the following:Describe, briefly, a topic which you have considered for use as your topic in this program and explain why.Discuss, briefly, one or two articles you found through online research or in the Capella library that discuss the topics that interest you. Cite those articles using APA style and formatting.Response GuidelinesAfter posting your initial post, follow back and respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial posts. Describe any appropriateness issues you might apply to their topic ideas, or give suggestions on how to strengthen their topic ideas.ResourcesDiscussion Participation Scoring Guide.

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