HA545 Unit 10 Discussion

On not less 150 words discuss:What have you learned that clarifies the process of policymaking on health related topics? Is there anything that you would change?On two different paragraph with not less than 75 words each give your personal opinion to  Samantha Thompson and  Dianna AdairDianna AdairIt’s somewhat difficult to put down all the things I have learned that clarify policymaking without writing a novel. I think we are all tired of writing gigantic papers, now! I have learned that policymaking is largely political; It is even more so than I believed before this class.I’ve learned that there are a lot of steps that go in to making a policy, and many of them are circular. As an example, when a law is introduced for public comment it can be done several times before it is finalized and put into a final draft (Longest, 2016).I would definitely change the way interest groups and politicians interact if I could. I would ban outright lobbying and perhaps find a way to stop bills from being passed if the main parties involved went to work for the companies lobbying for the bill after it was passed. Perhaps something like this could be achieved by a stringent waiting period before the law goes into effect with a clause that invalidates it in case of shady activities. I’m not sure that could work outside of just theory, but it would be nice to prevent this blatant corruption.Regards,DiannaReferences:Longest, B. B. (2016). Health Policymaking in the United States (Vol. Sixth edition). Chicago, Illinois: Health Administration Press.Samantha ThompsonI had no idea about what policy-making was. I knew there were laws and that someone in government started the process, however I never know that interest groups were a part of it or the fact that I can even submit anything afterwords to make changes as a citizen. I feel so much more prepared for not only my future administrative job but also my future conversations. The image on the current election has changed as well. I see the promises different and understand the steps that will need to be taken to change or make something happen. This is probably one of the most mindful classes I have had since in enrolled. Good luck to all in the future.

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