Week 1 – Case Study Discussion (e-Borders)Week 1 – Case Study Discussion (e-Borders)

This week you will be analyzing the web-based case presented in your text: e-Borders Revisited.Week 1 – e-Borders Case AnalysisThe subject at the center of the case is the e-Borders program, an advanced passenger information program which aimed to collect and store information on passengers and crew entering and leaving the United Kingdom (“E-borders to be genuinely secure,” 2012). Before you can conduct a reasonable analysis of the case it is important to understand where the project went wrong during its 11-year history.Using this forum, you will collaborate with your classmates to identify the actions taken by both the government agencies and the private companies involved in the e-Borders project. This will help you to create a timeline of events which will help your individual analysis of the case in this week’s assignment.Your contributions should include:The name of the organization involved (government or private)The dateA brief summary of the action takenThe source of your information (link or citation)It will also be important to identify any conflicting information you uncover in your search, so we may work through those challenges collectively.

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