Vampire Legends Do over

Part A: Ch. 10 Role Playing Sim: Vampire LegendsIn this role-playing simulation, you will be the acting CIO and will specifically work on the strategy and the budget of the game Ancient Age, the sequel to Vampire Legends. The simulation will require you to give a breakdown of the budget report, choose an allocation strategy based on the risks and expenses involved, choose the best advertising campaign, analyze threats related to information security, and decide the course of action in handling threats to information security.Using the Vampire Legends Access link, complete the interactive before moving to Part B.Part B: Memo to CEOWrite a 2- to 3-page memo to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Vampire Legends organization that includes the following two parts:Part 1: Analysis of Components of Information Security that does the following:Categorizes the components of information securityAnalyzes the components of information security as it applies to the scenario presented in Vampire LegendsContains a breakdown of the budget reportDiscusses your allocation strategy based on the risks and expenses involvedDescribes your choice for the best advertising campaignOutlines the course of action in handling information security threats in the futurePart 2: Role of Ethics that does the following:Illustrates the role of ethics as presented in the Vampire Legends simulation conflict to reflect the relationship between ethics and the success of the Vampire Legends organizationDescribes the consequences of the conflictDiscusses the solution to the conflictDiscusses the impact of ethics on revenue

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