Select any example data visualization or infographic the is appropriate for the course. You will :Fully describe and detail the visualization or infographic.Describe what you feel is wrong with the example.Describe changes you will make to the workIf the selected project was a static work, what ideas do you have for potentially making it usefully interactive? How might you approach the design if it had to work on both mobile/tablet and desktop?If the selected project was an interactive work, what ideas do you have for potentially deploying the same project as a static work? What compromises might you have to make in terms of the interactive features that wouldn’t now be viable?What about the various annotations that could be used? Thoroughly explain all of the annotations, color, composition, and other various components to the visualization.What other data considerations should be considered and why?Update the graphic: You can recreate the visualization, markup the visualization, or recreate it in another too (R, Excel, etc).Be sure to show the graphic (before and after updates) and then answer the questions fully above.  This assignment should take into consideration all the course concepts in the book.  Be very thorough in your response.  This should be at least three pages in length before graphics and contain at least two-peer reviewed sources.

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